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My Name is Uriel Ordonez,  when I first came into the Engineering/Surveying Field in 2011 I had no idea what NSPS was let alone what CST was.


As I began to gain knowledge and experience. I learned what it took to be a good survey technician.  Well I thought I knew what it took, until I read up on the actual CST Exam through NSPS,  I began reading the questions on the Practice exam for the Entry Level CST and realized. “WOW I’m not as great as I thought I was”  So what this meant to me is that I needed To STUDY and by study I mean study.  Not just flip through surveying books.  But really sit down and study what it meant to be a Survey Technician.  I worked for a Surveyor that helped in every way he could.  We would stay late after work and do practice problems on the chalk board and he would tell me of the history of surveying and equipment used for weeks.  After all that studying I decided I was ready to really prove to myself that I was worthy of Calling myself a Survey Technician and set up a test date, and took the proctored exam.  Wouldn’t you know it I passed with flying colors!  If it wasn’t for the CST program I probably would of never of picked up the books and learned all the valuable fundamentals of past and present of Surveying.  It has helped me strive for more as well.  I currently have the experience and requirements needed to be able to continue my CST advancement and will Hopefully Have my CST Level III Construction by next year.  Thanks to NSPS and the CST program I am where I am in my Career today!


Uriel Ordonez

Andrews, TX 79714


Hello, I am Bill Oberle, an engineering tech at the city of Mankato, MN.  This program has helped me mostly by helping me secure a senior tech position within the organization.  I have been here 18 years, the first seven,  I worked with a senior survey crew chief.  Then he retired and I took over the survey crew by myself for another 10 years.  I thought I would be promoted after the 2nd year of doing that, but no.  Meanwhile I got certified in this program and kept it current every year.  The city engineer said that is one of the main reasons I finally got promoted.   I personally feel good about this certification because it makes me feel confident that when I do staking for state and federal jobs, and that I am the only person here that has this certain certification.  So thanks very much.


Bill Oberle,

Mankato, MN


My name is Mike Tarnowski.  I graduated college with an AAS Degree in Civil Engineering from MSCTC, Detroit Lakes, MN.  I have been in the Land Surveying and Civil Engineering field for over 11 years, as a Party Chief for 8 years. 


After surveying for several years, I attempted to take the Fundamentals of Surveying exam and failed.  I felt the technical degree I had acquired was geared more towards drafting and survey technology and lacked the fundamentals of Land Surveying.  My survey manager talked me into taking the CST 2 and CST 3 exams, as he had done in the past.  He was one of the first to take the CST exam, when it was originally implemented.  After studying the provided practice material, I passed both exams.


After passing the CST 3, I took the Fundamentals of Surveying exam again and breezed through it.  I really feel that the CST exams helped in achieving the knowledge to pass the FS exam.  I also feel it is great practice to prepare for taking long exams.  I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to further their career in Land Surveying.


Michael J. Tarnowski          

Bismarck, ND



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Vice President,  Doucet Survey Inc., Newmarket, NH


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